Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My kitchen decoration

I and my mom love to cook different kinds of food. We always spend the time with each other cooking different kinds of food. That is why I got my passion of cooking at home. The kitchen is our favorite part of the house but sometimes we’ve got to concern about the decoration because sometimes we take for grated it.

Maybe we have got the too much passion in the cooking and take for granted the home decoration. Home decoration is one of the essential things that we should do to our home to make it lovely to the eye of the other people and also to us for the comfortable leaving. It is could be the start that we are concerned about the decoration in our kitchen.

In decorating our kitchen we used the kitchen rugs as suggested with our friend with beautiful house. Decorating your space with the use of the different kinds of pieces is lot of fun just like also cooking mixing all the ingredients to taste it good. Just like also in the decoration mixing different kids of pieces to make it beautiful. Using of the area rugs is not a thing to be worry because it can complement to the other kind of home decoration.

Decorating your home is just simple as a tick of the clock but careful to the piece that you well use. If you’re just having a big house it is better to find an interior decorator for the best decoration that you have. But don’t forget to use the area rugs in your space.


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