Monday, June 14, 2010

Shaggy now that ever

Enjoying to the luxury goodness of the shag rugs? Well did you know where is come from? The shag itself is made up from the long materials which create a sphere. Most of the home decorators cant tamed to the beauty of the shag. It is one of the favorite rugs that are being used in the home. Your d├ęcor can’t be perfect without the piece of the shag on the floor. Shag rugs create a warm feel to any home. Using the rugs on a cold bathroom floor is very comforting during those cold winter months.

These rugs were very popular back in the 1960s. Throughout many areas of Greece, this rug was first invented and originally made out of goat fur. The actual rug was made by the women and they were dyed by men. Red, green, black and yellow were popular colors that were used. But today the comeback of the market with the wide collection of the colors one of it that loves the most is the white shag. The white is not applicable to the high traffic areas. Investing rugs for your home are so crucial especially how to take care your precious rugs.


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