Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My dream house with brown rug

When I was a single I was always dream my dream house. Dreaming is not bad at all especially that you want to bought it. I also find a better job that have a good pay so that I can buy my own house. After almost two years of the hard work I bought my new home. I was so happy that time but I am just a little worried about the decoration that I well used in it. I just find a good interior decorator but still I was not satisfied with the outcome all I want is I was just relaxing way of decoration with the earthy kid of decoration. One day I came to the house of my friend that I was amaze the decoration of her home. In that time also she introduce me the area rugs as the new piece in her home. There are many types, sizes, and colors that suites in your decoration. At that time also I just ask her I want is the earthy tone in my home to have a relaxing feeling.

She introduces me the brown rug is the one that I am looking for. I just search it in the net and truly that the brown rug is one of the amazing rugs that being used in the home. The brown gives the earthy tone in your home to have a relaxing ambiance in the whole home. In the other side the rugs also gives warmth and also serves as protection in your floor.

The rugs are just one of the best creations of the human that gives the satisfaction in the life. Aside from the brown rug that I have used I also used the accent rugs in my spaces. The accent gives a life in the open spaces in your home. On the contrary the rugs are the best piece that makes my home beautiful and elegant that ever.


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