Friday, September 9, 2011

Victor Ortiz is confident to win against Mayweather

He is not so popular as the other boxers that too much exposed in the spotlight and in the fame but he is one to be considered good fighter of today’s boxing generation. Victor Ortiz is the current World Boxing Council Welterweight title-holders; he is still the huge underdog coming into this fight against Floyd Mayweather Jr. known as the undefeated boxer.

On September 17, 2011 mark the date Ortiz will face Mayweather as many been said that Ortiz is his greatest upsets done in the history of boxing. He is looking for a knockdown because he knows if the Mayweather vs Ortiz fight goes the distance, Mayweather may get the better of him. He acknowledges his opponent's achievements in the sport and knows that he will be up against one the most intelligent fighters of all time.

Floyd Mayweather Jr is known as the pound-for-pound of the boxing. He leaves the throne because it was already over a year since he last fought and won inside the squared circle. He is undefeated at 41 wins (25 knockouts) and he believes the skills of Victor won't be enough to overpower him. He sees his opponent as boxing's newest star but he is also confident that his light will shine brighter on fight night and bring home the WBC welterweight title.

In the past fight of Victor Ortiz is been a big favor to him he defeated Andre Berto as knockout for the first round. The fight continues even though it is been a knockdown against Ortiz. In the sixth round, both fighters went down but Ortiz's knockdown punch was more brutal than Berto's. In the tenth round, Victor was deducted a point because of hitting at the back of Berto's head. When the scorecards were announced, Victor was so happy when he heard the words "A new WBC welterweight champion of the world.”

On September 17 in the Mayweather vs Ortiz fight, Victor will still be the underdog and he will defend the same belt he got from Andre Berto last April. He is confident that he will be victorious against the undefeated American. He wants to bring the belt back home plus the hefty paycheck of $2.5 million. Even though it's not as huge as Mayweather's money on fight day, it is still the biggest amount Ortiz will bring home after the fight. Win or lose, both Floyd and Victor will surely enjoy the cash they bring home after the fight.