Thursday, April 4, 2013

Daenarys Targaryen Journey to the Iron Throne

She is the only daughter of the Mad King that once ever role the Iron throne but since her father died the house of the targaryen also fall letting her and her brother Viserys goes to Pentos and where they live until one day Viserys and Illyrio Mopatis set a marriage for Dany to Khal Drogo. But this set marriage was turn into a love as the time goes by Khal Drogo is being in love with Dany until she bear the their son but Viserys is so eager to have the crown and army and he is willing to kill Dany and the son inside her if she won’t give Viserys wants. Khal Drogo saw it all and not letting hurt the people that he have and he kill Viserys by pouring a melted gold in his head.

Khal promises that he will give anything Dany what he wants until they ruin one town and kill all the people but Dany is not happy what his husband did. Khal and One of his soldier have an argument until he got a wound but it has a poison and the with that Dany saved that he knows how to cure the Khal and it takes someone to sacrifice until Dany find out that in order to live the Khal he exchange it for her son but it doesn’t last until he finally made up in her mind that she needs to kill the khal so that her suffering won’t last long until the Dothraki tribe are longing for the lost of the Khal and Dany burn him in her side with the dragon eggs together with the witch that betrayed her as the fire rises she walks with it to the body of the Khal. In the morning when the fire is gone Dany is setting near the ashes of Khal body and she didn’t hurt only her dress is burn but she is not burn even a single strand of her hair and suddenly hey dragons comes out and Ser Jorah and the Dothraki tribe knell her.

In this generation most of the people are didn’t believe with the dragons since Dany hatch the eggs of the dragons that her husband gave her during her wedding almost everyone is getting interested with her dragon. One day as they enters to the Qarth her dragon is stolen and in this happening we seen how Dany gets angry and truly she is the mad kings daughter. With the few tricks that she told to her baby dragon they can spit fire in Dany’s command until the person that stolen theme is burned.

In the season 3 of game of thrones more happening are getting to expect in Dany’s life as her dragons are getting big and she is now starting to build an army for a new step in regaining the iron throne that she believes that in by blood she is the one will seat.