Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Pulling your decoration together

Did you ever cook? If yes what makes your food taste? It could be the spices give the flavors in your food to have a taste on it. When it comes to home decorating, the seemingly insignificant accent rugs can play much the same role. This won't be in the form of defeat like in a competition, but failing to take advantage of this useful accessory would certainly be a loss of opportunity in not using it to pull the design elements of your room together.

Most of the interior decorators prefer to use of the accent rugs in the home that they are used. There are many kinds of pieces that are being used in the home as a decoration. There are different approaches that you can take. One would be to put a very personal stamp on the d├ęcor by matching the colors in a favorite keepsake, painting, collectible or decorative throw. By focusing on those one or two colors and duplicating or complementing them with an accent rug, the theme can then be carried through the room or area with corresponding window treatments, lamp shades and other items. This will serve to create a unique tone and also frame and call attention to your treasured possessions. Another popular use for accent or area rugs is to create the illusion of division in a room.

Perhaps one of the greatest attributes of accent rugs are that the design they help to create can so easily be changed. The accent rugs are one of the known as the multipurpose rugs. It can create a different accent in your spaces like in the kitchen the accent rugs is a good addition in your space.


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