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Watch The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 7 Online S02E07

Watch The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 7 Online at The following is the full recaps of previous episodes.

Revelations begin to come out among the members of the group. Shane teaches Andrea how to fire a weapon but the desire to put the past behind him and focus on survival eats at him. Glenn wrestles with keeping his secret about the barn Walkers from the group. Lori confides in Dale about her pregnancy.

The episode begins with what appears to be a normal day at Hershel's farm. Carl, finally on the mend from the gunshot wound, feeds the chickens and his mom helps. Meanwhile, Patricia steals away a few chickens, breaks their legs, and feeds them to the walkers in the barn. Glenn keeps his binoculars trained on the barn, but Maggie warns him off, trying to ask him to not be more obvious about what's housed in the building. Maggie gives Glenn peaches to distribute to the rest of the group and he worries about giving the secret away, admitting that he's a very bad liar.

Andrea offers a recovering Daryl a book called The Case of the Missing Man, and she apologizes for what she did. Daryl waves off her concerns, knowing that Andrea only wanted to protect everyone.Glenn confronts Lori about not telling Rick about the baby.

Rick suggests that the group could stand some firearms training, and some of the Greenes also want to learn how to shoot. Carl tells Shane that he wants to go practicing as well, but Shane notices that Carl's already carrying his mother's gun. Lori is angry that Carl went behind her back, and she doesn't want him to handle a weapon just yet. He's just a child. Rick says that things are different now and Carl should learn how to defend himself. Carl admits to stealing the gun because he wanted to help look for Sophia. Lori reluctantly agrees to allow Carl into gun training.

Dale notices Glenn's unease and asks him if anything is bothering him. Glenn spills the beans about Lori's pregnancy and about the walkers in the barn. Shane tells Andrea to stay after class for some special advanced lessons after she shows some promise with a different pistol than the one her father gave her.

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Back at the farm, Hershel is tending to the horse Daryl rode into the woods, which has finally returned to its stable. Dale speaks to him, saying that he heard moans coming from inside the barn and he knows what they're keeping inside. Hershel says that the people in the barn are only sick and that a cure will be found sooner or later. Dale says that whatever those things are, they're no longer human, but Hershel disagrees, admitting that his wife and stepson are still inside.

Dale wants to warn Rick about this so that the group can take precautions, but Hershel tries to get Dale to keep the walkers a secret for now. Lori talks to Hershel to thank him for allowing them to stay at the farm, and Hershel makes it clear that their stay isn't permanent. He's expecting them to move on to Fort Benning sooner or later. Lori is shocked by this news, thinking that she had found a permanent home for her family.

Shane is playing drill sergeant and forcing Andrea to try firing her weapon under pressure, but when he brings up Amy, Andrea storms off. Shane follows Andrea by car, wanting her to get in with him so that they can head back to the farm. There's a lead on Sophia, he says. A housing development is close-by and she might have taken shelter in it. Andrea agrees to help Shane investigate the houses.


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