Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Watch America s Next Top Model Season 17 Episode 10 Online Exploring Greece

Watch America s Next Top Model Season 17 Episode 10 Online at The following is the full recaps of previous episodes.

The designs are off to Portugal, and the women are taking the excitement with them. Shannon has always said she doesn't design lingerie. Well, think the design of the first internationally image shoot? She took a take a position in Period 1, will she have to do it again?

This A week the designs discover the advantage of "going viral" by creating a tune and with in their own audio training video. There's just one catch: they have just 20 mins to produce their words. One design seems to be beat even before she begins, but artist Activity prevents by to provide his assistance.

The women carry on their training in advertising by developing and offering their own perfume. At a perfume start celebration the participants are requested to play in a tub, but one of the women confirms this demand below them. At the image take the designs must direct the design of two well-known simple fact actors, Nene and Snooki. Since no one went house the other day that means two women go house this A week.

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Here is the brief episode summary of America's Top Model Season 17 Episode 10:
The ladies discover out they will be evaluated by each other during a obstacle, where one of the All-Stars is experienced about her issues. The ladies also get days off to savor Portugal and its ambiance. Nigel Barker shots the designs re-creating old Olympic athletics.


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