Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Watch Tower Heist a day to go

If you want to have a flavor in your entertainment this November doesn’t stick to the boring old movies that you have but rather try to watch tower heist online. This movie will be released on November 4, 20211 starring Ben Stiller and Eddie Murphy for the Tower Heist film. Just a few days to go and most of the tower heist fans all over the world are excited for the upcoming film.

The concept of the film is about the group of con-men who devise a plan to swindle the residents of New York's upscale Trump Tower, where they also work.

The film was involved in a controversy over plans by Universal to release it for home viewing on video on demand to 500,000 Comcast customers, only three weeks after its theatrical debut. Concern over the implementation harming ticket sales and inspiring further films to follow suit resulted in several theater chains refusing to show the film at all if the plan went ahead, forcing Universal to abandon the idea.


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