Friday, July 9, 2010

Precious my pet

I have a pet name precious it is a male cat and I love him so much. He is a fairly white color and I love the color of the white. He is been my playmate every time I am out of the work also my companion in my apartment. He is the one that ease my pain when I just come out in the work.

One day I am just aware with my room cause of the bad odor that smells in my room. I just consulted to my friend what is well use to make my room back to the normal especially my flooring. She recommended me to use the area rugs to protect my flooring.

As for my little precious I just use the wool rugs as its new bed because most of the time he uses my bed as its bed. As my mother said that the cat fur is dangerous to our health so that we are just little be aware of it. I am just little concern about of my help all the time.

I am just happy to have my pet all the time I just treat him just like a human not just an animal cause he understands my feeling sometimes especially when I got angry.


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