Sunday, July 4, 2010

My kitchen is back again

My friend love to cook sometimes I just carried away with her in the kitchen to cook also. Mostly we prepare different kinds for almost a month I have just noticed our kitchen with many stains in the floor and make it dirty looking. What could I use to make it bring back to its appearance before? Luckily I have a friend an interior decorator I just ask her what kid of piece that I well used just to cover the stains in the flooring. She just suggested me to use the area rugs but not only to use in the kitchen but to the other part of the house also. But for the kitchen we used the kitchen rugs. I was so surprise for the outcome of the area rugs in my home especially in the kitchen.

It covers up the stains in my floor. The appearances of my home is back from its own image before like good s new but have an elegant effect. Area rugs are one of the best rugs that make my home back for life again.


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