Monday, July 5, 2010

Brown rug to my new home

My sister is one my best friend sense I was a child causes we are almost together at school and at home. But this all things have been reversed when she got married but still I could be her best friend. We are just happy every time we are together. We can’t deny that our favorite past time are shopping. Exactly girls can’t really resist when it comes to shopping.

Last month I just bought a new home in the city so that it could be easy for me to go in my job. Every time I just seen my home without any kind of decoration it is so pale and not interesting to look with. M y sister is a graduate of the interior decorating and luckily I am so bless full to be her sister. I just offered her my home to decorate it. Luckily she just says yes. All I want to my home is makes in relaxing to my eye. Especially in my room have the earthy tone color so have a relaxing feeling when I come from the work. It could not be a problem causes we will used the area rugs in your home.

For my room she uses the brown rug to have the earthy tone to have a relaxing effect. Well these could be an exciting effect to my room. To the other part of the house she uses different kinds of the accent rugs especially in the living room. Finally the decoration is been finished I was so amazed to the effect of the rugs in my home. I love it.


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