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Watch The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Episode 22 Online

Watch The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Episode 22 Online replay here at the season finale. The following is the full recap of previous episode.

Klaus is artwork when Rebekah/Esther reveals up with the last talk about. They eliminate it. He informs her to load up her bags. She wants to go to the Several years Flow and tempts him with the possibilities of seeing Caroline. He pretends not to treatment but confirms to go for her.

Alaric informs Damon that he needs to get out of city, somewhere hidden. But it's actually his alter-ego relaxing. Rebekah/Esther is satisfied. The talk about she provided Klaus was a bogus. She is looking to come back to her real type. They have her system in a coffin. She gives Alaric's alter-go the blade to subdue her, which he does without uncertainty. She awakens in her right system.

Matt is being brotherly toward Jeremy and got his old job returning at the Bbq grill. Bonnie is providing Jamie to the Several years Flow. Caroline informs Elena to carry Stefan to the dance. She considers it's Stefan's convert, he's her legendary really like. Elena calling him and informs him she wants to go with him. He allows. Damon overhears and doesn't cover up his envy.

Damon goes to see Meredith with the herbal remedies Alaric isn't getting.
Esther delivers Alaric's alter-ego to the Salvatore crypt, the identify in which Klaus attractive her center out. It's completely noticeable. She wants Alaric's band to create the talk about indestructable so it doesn't get rid of up in its first sufferer. He arms it over. She places it in a chalice and molds a cause. It performs and the talk about becomes the greatest system.

Stefan choices up Elena, both in their 20s use. They enhance each other. He gives her a corsage. He factors out their adverse dance seo but getting out of bed is just as risky. They talk about a second.

Caroline faces He over his nearness to Elena, caution her that she is verbal for. Individuals who get near to Elena end up damage. She is terrified when Tyler reveals up, with him acting to be still sired to Klaus. He confesses he's envious of Klaus, but he's aggressive.

Elena wants Stefan to demonstrate her some goes, despite him acting to ignore the decade. They dance. She wants to talk about Colorado but Stefan doesn't want to know unless they discover their way returning to each other and she wants to. He's abided by to be her time frame. Damon reveals up, destroying when.

Jeremy's damage to see Bonnie with Jamie. Bonnie's disappointed that he's still dressed in his band but he can only take it off when Elena prevents clinging out with skeletons.

Damon considers Alaric is beyond keeping and indicates placing him out of his agony, but Jeremy doesn't want that. He stormy weather off so Elena follows. She guarantees him she won't let Alaric get damage. Esther reveals up and demands her to come with her so she can help Alaric. Jeremy operates within to get Damon and Stefan. Esther guarantees her she indicates her no damage. Elena goes with her, not realizing that she has stuck everyone within using sodium.

Bonnie and Jamie talk about her "crazy" group of buddies. He's just a regular guy. They talk about a enthusiastic hug, which is disturbed by Damon.

Esther is preparing to rebuilding Alaric, the creature of the night to eliminate all skeletons. The greatest seeker. She's enjoying on his hate of skeletons. Whenever he passed away she talked to him, every loss of lifestyle owned him nearer to the realisation that skeletons took everything from him. Now he can fulfill his fortune.
Klaus reveals up at the dance, furious at Tyler for making city without his authorization. He demands to cut in with Caroline. Tyler has to say he's still sired to him and doesn't item, much to Caroline's surprise. Klaus informs her he's making but he knows she is not willing to be a part of him. He indicates she may appear in a season or a millennium to him and let him display her community has to provide. She styling brushes him off, which affects him. He guarantees her that the little city won't be enough for her permanently. He recognizes the sodium around the developing and understands from Stefan that his mom is returning.

Bonnie tries to separate the joining cause. Jeremy indicates that he and He try to discover Esther and quit her. Klaus becomes eager and intends to eliminate Jamie to get Bonnie to speed up. Stefan controls to talk about him around.

Elena tries to help Alaric, but he's returning to disliking skeletons, requiring his "friend's" victims' system is on his arms, such as Jenna's. Elena will not offer her system but Esther requires it powerfully. Alaric voluntarily beverages the concoction that will modify him. Esther stabs him.

Bonnie uses Elena's system to discover her. Esther battles her but Klaus knows where they are.
Caroline tries to assure Stefan about Elena. Tyler wants Klaus deceased because he dislikes him for his thoughts for Caroline. Caroline informs him she likes him despite how many periods she may dance with Klaus.

Elena draws the talk about out of Alaric. Esther informs her she will have a chance to say farewell to the old Alaric. Esther is providing him enough energy to eliminate her kids and then he can die. She wants to rid the community of skeletons. She guarantees Elena that Jenna is at serenity.

Jeremy and He appear with firearms that Esther makes them to use on each other. Alaric awakens and stabs Esther. He doesn't know what's occurred.

Klaus places blame Stefan for all that's occurred. He tries to remember about their relationship in the 20s. Damon prevents, displaying a combined front side against him with Stefan but Klaus taunts them with what will occur when Elena selects one of them. Bonnie has damaged the edge cause.

Klaus requires Esther's system. Jeremy is ruined when Alaric confesses he's not going to finish his move. He will become a creature if he does. He's recognized it. Jeremy cuddles him and simply leaves. Elena places blame herself. She pressured him to remain and deal with them. He guarantees her that looking after them has been the nearest the lifestyle he desired. They hug and Elena simply leaves. Everyone is outside, such as Meredith.

Klaus tries to carry out his strategy to keep city with Elena, but satisfies level of resistance from an surprising new attacker. Bonnie changes to Abby for help with a particularly challenging cause. As elements get out of hand, Elena is established to create sure that Caroline is secure. Damon and Stefan convert to Tyler for help, and Bonnie and Jeremy take a risky danger to create sure that her cause is efficient. Damon and Stefan have a amazingly genuine discussion about the long run.

In the next episode of The Vampire Diaries entitled "The Departed", Jeremy does everything he can to secure his sister; Elena is tired of her complex lifestyle and reminisces for simpler times; Damon and Stefon's objective goes wrong when Elena needs assistance; Tyler and Caroline have their supports against the wall; Bonnie creates a choice that that details out big problems.


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