Monday, May 21, 2012

Watch Revenge Season 1 Episode 22 Online Reckoning

Watch Revenge Season 1 Episode 22 Online Reckoning replay here at The following is the full recap of previous episodes.

As Daniel appears test for Tyler's killing, Victoria's shock gathering with her ex-love Dominik Wright creates a risk to her family battles and Jack's anxious look for for Amanda-b is put on carry when he is known as a suppose in the killing research.

Emily discovers out who murdered her dad and the Declan-Charlotte connection is in problems.

As the media get more competitive about Daniel's launch from prison time the SEC starts the official research in to Grayson Global; Jane understands a picture of her dad that provides more signs about his death; A secret lady goes into the arena.

Flashback to 2002 as we adhere to Amanda-b Clarke as she is launched from teenager detention; Nolan Ross informs Amanda-b what occurred to her dad Mark and she starts to study his journals; Amanda-b places her strategy into activity as she starts to remain out Grayson International so she can get the vengeance she should get.

Emily and Port approach together after someone passes away meanwhile Victoria wants to take Conrad down and Currently places her sight on Declan.

In the next episode of Revenge entitled "Reckoning", In the season finale the Graysons are continuing down a path of self-destruction, as Amanda fully intends to finally follow through with her plan for revenge, and an explosive event changes everything.


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