Sunday, October 9, 2011

Watch House S08E02 Online House: Transplant

Watch House S08E02 Online at The following is the full recaps of the previous episodes.

A year has passed since Wilson House car ran into the room Cuddy - House of Representatives and spent most of it in prison. Now the House just get in trouble for five days to obtain parole. However, events conspire against him when a mysterious illness strikes a fellow prisoner, while a gang leader wants to get home to him the pills.

House meets with his parole after 8 to 12 months left. They can give parole in five days and if he regrets what he did. House immediately said, noting that it is the correct answer. They emphasize that they need to show remorse, and the House support means that the best players are released. When a board member threatened Cuddy said daughter, drove his car through the window and fled the country for three months, the House says he knew the girl was not home on Friday and saw everyone was in the room before driving in the kitchen. The parole board, admits that they have to deal with overcrowding, but House says that if he breaks a rule in the next five days, will continue for another four months. House says he can stay out of trouble.
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Here is the brief episode summary of House season 8 episode 2.

House returns to Princeton Plainsboro to help his former team to treat the recipient of the organ under the care of Wilson. He is forced to work in sensitive internal and, finally, choose to break the rules to access the hospital's medical history and find a cure.


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