Monday, October 24, 2011

Happy Feet Two another dancing experience

Most of us singing and dancing is been the passion in life that is why we have the dancers and the signers but not only those people have it even ordinary people love to sing and dance also for the animal like the penguins. Some of us love the animals and some of us doesn’t but try to watch happy feet two online and definitely you will love the penguins. The Happy feet two is based in the story of the happy feet movie last 2006 and this year they will continue the story in the wonderful place of Antarctica.

Every penguin performs a exclusive tune referred to as a "heartsong" to appeal to a friend. If the men penguin's heartsong meets the female's tune, the two penguins friend. A penguin known as Norma Jean performs the tune "Kiss", whereupon a men penguin known as Memphis performs "Heartbreak Hotel". Norma Jean selects him as her friend. Norma Jean sits an egg, which is remaining with Memphis while Norma Jean simply leaves with the other women to seafood. While the guys fight through the severe cold weather, Memphis unintentionally falls the egg, quickly revealing it to the iced Antarctic conditions. The producing girl - the film's character, Mumble (Elizabeth Daily) - has pink face, ever-lasting down down, and a dreadful performing style. However, Mumble has a ability that no other penguin has ever seen before: tap moving. One day Mumble walks into a found location, where he is totally able to show up without any conditions. Mumble is upset when Manager Skua and his posse Dino, Frankie, and Vinnie try to eat him. Mumble stalls by asking the chief of the group about a yellow-colored group that is connected to his right rearfoot. The Manager Skua shows Mumble that he had been abducted by "aliens". Mumble narrowly destinations the greedy wildlife by decreasing into a crevice.

Here is the plot of Happy Feet Two.

Mumble the penguin has a problem: his son Erik, who is reluctant to dance, encounters Amazing Hero Puffin called "The Mighty Sven", whom he thinks he is a penguin who can fly. Things get worse for Mumble when the world is shaken by powerful forces, causing him to bring together the penguin nations and their allies to set things right.

The film is officially distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures and directed by George Miller the film will be released on November 18, 2011.


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