Sunday, February 6, 2011

Stair treads for a safety stairs

Most of the home owners just do anything for their home to make it beautiful. Especially for those have the big houses they make their home even more beautiful. If you just have the stairs in the home it is a big plus in your decoration but most of the home owners just disregard the stairs to be the part of the decoration. Stairs are considered to be dangerous in the home especially if you have little children even for the adults it can cause accident. There are many instances when people, particularly elderly persons and children, get seriously injured when they slip and fall off from stairs. For the elderly, a slight slip could mean getting confined to a wheelchair or getting bed-ridden for the rest of their lives. The main reason of stair-related injuries is the lack of any handrails, proper lighting and, most importantly, slippery and wrongly positioned stair treads.

The stair treads is considered to be unnoticed in the home when it comes to the safety of the people in the house. A safe stair tread ensures the surface is not slippery and increases the stairs' grip and reduces the possibility of any serious fall-related injuries. Moreover, it also protects the stairs to help them serve for a longer duration.

Staircase treads come in a variety of materials including metal, rubber, polypropylene and a wide range of braided fabrics. Compared to carpeted stairs, stair treads are very cheap and durable. However, it is very crucial to ensure the overall look and feel of the stairs before installing any slip-resistant material. The design of the stair tread should not camouflage the depths and edges of the stairs. This happens when a stair tread has numerous contours which hide the depth of stairs. The design should be such that people, particularly the elderly, should clearly recognize each step while climbing up or down.

While a stair tread is the most important safety measure, handrails are also key factors for ensuring safety on stairs. Handrails must be at a proper height to make sure people can easily get hold of it while climbing up. Moreover, the stairs must be in sound condition. Always take the services of professional carpenters to repair any uneven or cracked steps.


Natsu said...

I loved your post and I couldn't agree more that stair treads are an important safety measure and handrails as well. It is especially important to keep stair treads in mind in and out of the home. I go to for my outdoor tread needs and look at for indoor work as I have aging relatives.

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