Monday, February 14, 2011

Accent rugs for the classy interior

For the home owners that want a classy home they make it in their decorating to have the elegant effect. Most of the home owners prefer to use expensive pieces for the decoration to make it different with the others. The flooring, for one, plays a significant role in interior design as it covers the whole floor area of a room. In determining how to accentuate and make the flooring stand out even more, most interior designers opt for an accent rugs that can immediately beautify the look of a room.

Actually you can use the area rugs to make your interior classy. The following are some of the uses of the accent rugs.

Use area rugs as focal point. You can simply use area rugs to act as a focal point in any room. Settle on a size, shape, color, and design and you're ready to add a simple yet effective accent on your flooring. The accent rug helps draw the eye downward and direct a person's attention to a particular thing or furniture in the room.

Choose a design to suit your desired mood
. When decorating, you must take note of every pattern, every color, and every texture of a design piece to suit the room. For example, if you're going to use an accent rug in your office, choose one that suits the professional ambiance of a corporate office. A contemporary styled area rug in professional colors of browns and navy can do wonders for the residents of the office.

Use it productively. The purpose for getting an area rug goes beyond decoration and interior design. Instead of getting an ordinary rug to protect your hardwood floors from getting scratched due to the constant swivel of your office chair, you may use an accent rug to go well with the existing office interiors. You may also want to use a durable accent rug for the busiest areas in your house such as the hallway or stairway. It does not only protect the floors and gives traction so nobody slips, but it adds aesthetics to the house.

Use it for insulation. This is more of an industrial use of rugs. Area rugs can actually help the room be a little bit warmer. For those with hardwood floors, you know that it can get chilly during the winter. Area rugs protect your feet from the cold floors. They can also muffle footfalls. Some people consider accent rugs as a staple in their attics and second floor hallways but great for the hallways are the rug runner.

An area rug that is used only as an accent rug is easy to maintain. All you need is a regular vacuuming. What makes accent rugs a favorite among interior designers and homeowners is that it can be stored and easily replaceable. You can immediately change them to suit any room style if you want because rugs are removable unlike with the wall to wall carpeting they are more portable.


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