Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Twist of in Vampire Diaries

As the story of the vampire diaries continues the relationship of Stefan and Elena is being so complicated just because Katherine is back again. More and more exciting twist of the story is being happened in the season 2 of the vampire diaries as the new guy in the cast as Mason is in as the member of the Lockwood family and became a werewolf here.

The story of the vampire diaries is being deep as every episode they just got to revealed some of the information that been coming from the past. The great revelation in the season episode is being mostly seen of the avid fan of the series.

The vampire diaries season 2 episode 6 is more been interesting as Katherine is back here once again to seek again for Elena. As everyone secret is being revealed. Well, just cannot wait to watch it for the next season episode of your favorite vampire series.


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