Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Harry Potter’s Societal Impact

When it comes to the choice of the entertainment there is nothing more to see the fantasy movies just because of its more effects. The idea comes in my mind after this nephew of mine were both kidding and playing children games yesterday. And on the age of four, I didn't expect that those words will come out of his mouth.

I am aware that he is watching over me when I am reading. And I actually believe that it interests him also because he kept on staring at the cover of the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows book that I am reading on the couch every time I have my leisure hours. When I notice him that he was alone in the corner, sad and bored, I invited him to play with me. I even offered him to play children's game if he wanted.

I was just shocked when he said he now truly understands what Harry Potter feels. He added that it is hard to be alone, to be dejected and has no friends at all to play with. I laughed at his some kind of drama but I halted for a while and this idea came to me. How this four year-old kid knows about Harry Potter? Well, I realized that I have forgotten that I used to tell him stories about Harry Potter every bedtime.

I believe that fantasy movies, like Harry Potter and the like should consider the viewers, most especially the children who are watching it. Directors should be sensitive in the lines, the values rendered and the effects of this on the minds of the audience.


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