Sunday, May 16, 2010

Round for my rest house

It could be a great summer for me spending my time for my loving one. It is only I said to myself when I bought a small rest house in the near of the beach. I cannot wait for the summer to come. Until one day visited it is small consist of one room and living room and the kitchen it is so small and like old looking. I just remember the things that I read in the net about the area rugs. Maybe it is the time that I would use it. As I mentioned above it is near in the beach so it is called at the night a perfect timing with the area rugs to add the warmth in the room or even in the entire house.

When I come back o the city I bought a piece of the room area rugs for the only room in the house. I also considered the part of the house. Just playing into my mind what could be the rug that I will use in the living area. Since the area is only limited I used the round rugs for the living room. How about could be in the kitchen. I should be durable and can stand in the daily wear and tear I used the round wool rugs. The wool is known for its durability and suites in the kitchen especially in the dining area.

Everything is all set for the new home d├ęcor of my rest house. I was so amaze when I saw the entire appearance of the house. The round shape is truly having a different effect in the room making it larger and comfortable the small spaces area. This is could be one of the best summer vacations that I had in my life with my love.


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