Monday, May 24, 2010

Persian area rugs from the past until now

For the several countries that making the area rugs is been treasure to them especially for the rug industries. The rug making is been passed for generation and generations throughout the history. Like the making of the Persian area rugs is been passed throughout the history to maintain the beauty that it takes. The Persian area rugs is been one of the treasured area rugs for in the generations just because of the appealing beauty that it takes.

The art of carpet weaving and art is believed to be introduced by the Persian king Cyrus in 500BC, which is one of the greatest rulers in Persian history. However, Persian nomad tribes of modern day Iran learned about weaving using the wool of the sheep and hand knots that they used for lining the floors of their tents even before the time of Cyrus the Persian king. During his reign as the king of Persian Empire in 529 B.C. Rugs were made in villages for personal use of the people in their houses and tents with identifiable designs of the specific village or tribe. The artistic design and quality of Persian rugs created a weaving industry that focused on large-scale artistic and commercial enterprise revolving around highly skilled and organized weaving workshops.

The rug making is been the product of the empire soon the privileges and the attention of the king is the carpet weaving. The artists would create a carpet designs, and the best designs would be woven by the best weavers in the empire. Trade was established with Europe with Persian area rugs as one of the threads that spurred economic exchange, and Persia reached its golden age. Today, the antique area rugs trade is the second major export-earner after the oil 10 comprising 12% of Iran oil export. This made the 14% of Iranian earns profits and livelihood because rug weaving.

The Persian area rugs are considered to be one of the most favorite rugs in the society. It is also one of the expensive area rugs that can be found in the society. If you really want to have Persian area rugs but you have a limited budget well, try the discount Persian rugs in the market or in the net. Now days the net have take the great rule in the society especially in the marketing. We take the market already in the net thanks to the power of the technology.


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