Sunday, June 3, 2012

Watch Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Episode 1 Online

The Liars are back! Watch Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Episode 1 Online entitled "It Happened 'That Night" replay here at The following is the full recap of previous episode.

As Aria locates what Holden's key is, Caleb becomes the focus on of a Rosewood Cops Division wizard search after his computer is seized.

The Liars may have a fifth participant, as it's unveiled that "A" is torturing someone outside of Ali's BFFs. Meanwhile, Wren becomes a much-needed assistance for Spencer.

As Rosewood's yearly Father-Daughter Flow comes stress are great with the Liars and each of their dads. Meanwhile, Ashley is spying around looking for out what's incorrect with Hanna.

The Liars don't know what they're in for when they fulfill Duncan, a boy from Ali's previous. Meanwhile Candice walks returning into city, and Jerr results in the ladies with a treasure: a box of Ali's old possessions.

The ladies suppose that Brian might be "A", and they set up an research. Meanwhile, Aria discovers a getting on university program on her Mothers table, and Jenna requires the bandages off her sight.

Aria, Jane, Spencer, and Hanna get nearer to figuring out who "A" is. The ladies attendsRosewood's Younger Group Masquerade Event. By the end of the show, they discover out who "A" really is.


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