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Watch The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 12 Online

Watch The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 12 Online replay here at The following is the full recap of previous episode.

The episode opens with Daryl beating up Randall in the barn. The information is slow at first, but when Daryl pulls out his knife, Randall spills everything and more. The group that he was a part of had thirty men in it, automatic weapons and had the bad habit of hurting women. That revelation brought some more punishment from Daryl.

After Daryl reports his findings to the others at the camp site, the discussion goes quickly to that of killing Randall to protect themselves. Dale is the only one visibly upset with this and talks to Rick about it. Rick doesn't admit wanting to kill him but Dale seems to sense it and convinces Rick to give hima day to talk with everyone. Rick gives him till sundown.

As Dale begins his mission to talk with everyone as individuals, Carl starts to snoop about. As Shane talks to Andrea (who is guarding the chained up Randall in the barn) about a change of things within the leadership of the group, Carl sneaks into the barn to look at the young man. Randall starts to talk to him and tries to get on Carl's good side but seems unmoved.

The door suddenly opens, Shane and Andrea rushes in with guns pointing right at Randall. Getting Carl out of there, Shane tells him to stop putting himself in harms way.

Dale proceeds to talk with Herschel who is trying to repair the fencing that a bull had damaged. Herschel has no interest in what happens to Randall and says he will leave the choice up to Rick. Dale is taken back by this since he considered Herschel a moral man.

Carl is next to Sophia's grave when Carol comes up. She talks nicely to Carl about how Sophia is in a better place. Carl spouts off that heaven is a lie and if Carol thinks otherwise, then she is an idiot. Shocking Carol, Carl storms off. She goes up to Rick and Lori and tells themn what Carl said to her. She is livid at what he said and how Lori is trying to calm her down.

Rick catches up to Carl and tells him that he needs to think about how he is going to make it up to Carol. Carl starts to bring up what Rick is planning on doing with Randall, putting Rick on the defensive for a moment. However, Rick makes it very clear that Carl will not treat others like that and let's Carl go to think on it all.

Dale's journey brings him to Shane. They have a intense but civil talk about Randall. In the end, Shane says that if the group decides to let Randall live, he won't say a word. Becasue when Randall kills one of them, everyone will know it's Dale's fault.

In the farmhouse, Glen stops by to talk with Herschel and see if he needs anything. Herschel asks Glen where his family is from and Glen tells him Korea. Herschel proceeds to talk about his own immigrant family from Ireland. He takes out a pocket watch that his ancestor brought with him from Ireland and gives it to Glen. It's Herschel's way of saying that he approves ofGlen and Maggiebeing together.

Carl is down by the creek and discovers a Walker that is stuck in the mud. At first he is quite scared of it and is about to run when he sees that it cannot free itself. He throws rocks at it and stares it down. Eventually he works himself around it and getting very close. Due to it trying to get at Carl, it eventually twists one of it's legs free and momentarily grabs Carl but he escapes.

The sun sets and all of the group sits in the farmhouse to decide about Randall. Dale is the only one that freely speaks out against killing the young man. He feels that Glen at least supports him but is hurt when Glen says otherwise. After much pleading, only Andrea comes to Dale's side but that's not enough. Randall will be killed as originally planned.

Rick, Shane and Daryl goes out to the barn and readies Randall for his execution. Rick takes point and cocks the hammer back on his gun. As Randall sobs behind his blindfold, Carl comes to the barn door and tells his dad to fire the gun. Shane goes to Carl and get's him out of the barn while Rick tells Daryl to take Randall away. Rick won't be able to kill him.

Not knowing what has transpired, Dale is walking out in the fields and finds one of Herschel's cows nearly dead. It has had it's innards ripped out and is moaning in pain. Dale freezes at the sight, knowing what caused it. As he turns around the Walker that Carl was teasing earlier grabs Dale and forces him on the ground.

Dale's screaming alerts everyone to where he is but before anyone can help, the Walker has ripped open his torso. Daryl arrives first and kills the Walker. Dale is in terrible pain and when Herschel arrives, he makes it clear that their isn't anything he can do for him. Instead of going to the house like he was told, he arives and sees Dale dying. He seems a little distand for a moment until he sees that the Walker that attacked him was the one he was throwing rocks at earlier. Knowing that the Walker must have followed in the direction he had went, he buries his face into Lori's lap and cries.

Dale is in a lot of pain but is beginning to fade. Andrea walks away crying but Rick is unable to shoot him. Daryl takes the gun and hunkers down next to Dale. Dale stares at Daryl as he points the gun at his head. Daryl says he is sorry and the image goes black with a sound of a gun shot.

In the next episode of The Walking Dead entitled "Better Angels", Due to the death of Dale, the group decides to get organized and secure the farm.


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