Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Watch One Tree Hill Season 9 Episode 8 Online

Watch One Tree Hill Season 9 Episode 8 Online replay here at The following is the full recap of previous episode.

Lucas comes again to Shrub Mountain. Haley expected for him to come to deal with and secure them Jamie and Lydia so she can concentrate on the look for for Nathan. Lucas reassures Haley that Nathan will come home. Julian didn't remember to take along with him it clip of his his dad and known as Julian to deliver it over. Julia sent it clip over to Jamie and also created a duplicate for Dan. Dan saw it clip very carefully and discovered a icon in the qualifications.

Nathan comes to an end up splitting no cost, amazingly with the help of the specialist who had converted Haley away when Nathan first vanished. It changes out that the cop had been engaged with the kidnapping from the starting. He was irritated that the law enforcement office wouldn't create him a investigator, and he believed he could bring in more cash with being associated with Nathan's kidnapping.

Clay constantly see a specialist only to find that he is absolutely regular. He does experience accountable for Nathan's disappearance since he was expected to be in European countries with him. Pursuit awakens in his house next to two strippers, and Bob, and he gets known as again in to the Air Power for dynamic work. He smashes the information to Throw who is mashed. He recognizes that Throw has been relaxing about getting together with his dad, so Pursuit uses this to satisfy up with him. Pursuit is aware a enormous bruise on Chuck's belly. Pursuit says that he got it from dropping off his motorcycle.

Xavier ask for to satisfy with Brooke before his test. He apologized to her for linking her, but he does not confess to killing her companion, Quentin. Brooke testifies against him in trial, and he still gets out a no cost man.

In the next episode of One Tree Hill entitled "A Rush of Blood to the Head", Haley gets some information of a possible loss, and Dan is required to encounter his black previous as he constantly search for Nathan. Clay-based requires a advancement in his treatment, and Brooke and Julian cope with Xavier. Pursuit is encouraged to the boundaries as he problems about Throw.


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