Thursday, July 14, 2011

Wilfred Season 1 Episode 4 Video Preview and Synopsis

"Wilfred...Something's telling me he likes peanut butter!"

You heard it right it seems that Wilfred will be in big shock and a really not so nice experience on Wilfred season 1 episode 4 as he is about to be left in a care of like a "lunatic" dog expert from the house of Doggy Care (see the Wilfred episode 4 video preview and see what I meant).

Do you know why Wilfred the dog will be in the Doggy Care House? Oh well, Ryan needs to reconcile with Kristen, Ryan's sister and I think it is more important than anything else for him. Of course, a hilarious and "traumatic" (that's a harsh word but it seems that's the face of Wilfred on the preview) experience for the Australian man wearing a dog suit <- i.e. in the eyes of Ryan but normal dog to everyone named Wilfred.

I hope you are informed about Wilfred season 1 episode 4 US edition before you watch it so you will know what to expect from the upcoming show of the series. Enjoy and LOL!


Shaun said...

Although the US version seems to be a little cleaner then it Australian counterpart, it is still a very hilarious show, and well worth the time to watch, or record. Jason and Elijah make a good comedy team, although I admit I never picture Frodo doing a comedy show. There is a different dynamic in the US version, we have only seen one other costumed animal, where as you see a lot of them in the Australian version. Working nights at DISH I usually miss my favorite shows, and sometimes my DVR get’s taken hostage by my roommates, and my shows seem to not get recorded. At least I can count on catching any episode of Wilfred on

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