Thursday, June 2, 2011

Mandy Moore for Love Wedding and Marriage

She have everything in his life until the true loves comes in her way. As many people say love is just like an institution we just keep learning to it as the time pass by. That is why you need to watch love wedding marriage as different kinds of problems you might be encounter in life. Starring Mandy Moore as Ava, who has got everything that she wants in her life a beautiful job and soon married Kellan Lutz as Charlie but suddenly their marriage become gone as a great test for Ava as her mother asks her for the divorce for her father.

That is why Ava is doing everything just to save the marriage of her mother and father but Ava just got to be wrong in her move she just didn’t focus to the marriage life that she have make their marriage live behind. How did Ava will handle her problems she must focus in her life and not to the life of her family. That is life marriage is not just an ordinary life a long process that you always continue to learn having hand by hand together just to for see and save their marriage.


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