Monday, January 31, 2011

Area Rugs Made Of Synthetic and Natural Fibers

In transforming the overall appearance of your home you can use different kinds of pieces and area rugs are one of the best. When decorating your floors with contemporary rugs, it is very important to choose area rugs of precise dimension, design and color combination that match well with your home interiors and furniture. Generally, area rugs in lighter shades provide a spacious appearance for your living room and a brighter look for murky rooms, whereas dark colored rugs create more warmth to the entire environment.

For providing you with wider floor furnishing options, area rugs made of natural fibers as well as synthetic materials including polypropylene, acrylic, sisal, nylon, jute and cotton are now easily obtainable. Area rugs made of synthetic materials are known for their firmness; rugs made of natural fibers are popular for their eco-friendliness. These types of round rugs are available in machine or hand woven patterns and offer increased durability as well.

Contemporary area rugs create a better living environment adding exceptional charm and liveliness. To have these in your home, you needn't spend a fortune either.


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