Thursday, November 4, 2010

Pacquiao is not affected with distractions

As Manny Pacquiao said he is not affected n the rumors that been around. That he is not focusing in his training just because he is thinking of his other works. Manny is been the congressman in the province of Sarangani but Manny said he is in the focus for his upcoming fight against Margarito.

Coach Freddie Roach said that this all allegations are come from the side of the opponent because it is just vandalism. As few days before the Pacquiao vs Margarito fight; Manny Pacquiao is already for his upcoming fight with the Tijuana Tornado.

We just can’t avoid the different rumors that been coming out just like saying different untruth things but for Manny his focus is in her career. Boboy Fernandez also said that Manny knows what his job because it is dangerous when it comes in the ring. Manny just clearly says that he is not affected with all these allegations that been coming out.


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