Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My List of the Great Television Series

Most of the people today have no time to go out to go mall and to the other places for some recreational activities without planning it but rather they just sit in the couch of their entertainment room and watch their favorite television shows. I just also have my list of my favorite television shows. I just based it in the kind of story that they have and how they entertain the me and also the other people.

First in the list is Glee. Defining the meaning of the world glee as a cheerful or happy people. This television series is been the phenomenal series that been released in the Tv because the concept of the story is really different with the others drama and the music that been combined together. Song is been the part in here as they sing different music of the popular artist in the world that being so inspirational in their life. Now it comes back foe the Glee season 2. Don’t miss to Watch Glee season 2 Episode 1 Online for another story of music in tier life.

Second are the True Blood Season Episodes is been so inspiring story of the girl along with the world of the vampires. Now it is come in the pilot episode of the Season 3 but hopefully it will be back for the new season.

Third is The Vampire Diaries. Who thought that the vampire have a diary also? Well this is one of the vampire stories than I love but is really different from the other Vampire series it has been a unique story. It is already in the season but the latest episode will be aired on September 16 don’t miss to Watch The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Episode 2 Online just for free.


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