Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Interesting facts about Sisal Rugs

Many of the home owners and renters prefer that the area rugs are great way in home decoration. Aside from affordable and easily to find; the area rugs are interesting decoration. In the first look of the area rugs, who thought that it is made from the agave plant which is known as the cactus?

Rugs are really a fantastic home decoration. It deals in different materials made. It is better to be natural that synthetic. Natural fiber rugs are eco friendly rugs unlike with the rugs with chemicals that can harm your health.

Because sisal rugs are natural and strong it is also a great fiber in area rugs. You can only find sisal in certain areas of the world. Africa is the home to a certain cacti that can only thrive in arid areas and certain cactus plants in South America also have the fibers needed to make the area rugs. One great feature in a sisal rug is the fact that it is allergy free. The sisal fibers do not have dust particles or other allergens that can cause allergy reactions.

The popularity of sisal rugs is skyrocketing with the trend toward natural and green design. These types of area rugs are environmentally friendly, non-synthetic, and non-allergenic. This is a big plus for many people. Sisal rugs are good for indoor and outdoor use. They are durable enough to withstand high traffic indoors or weather outdoor. The rugs look good in a child's room or outdoor to spruce up the patio.

Selecting and purchasing area rugs are great decision to make. The flow of your home decorations depends in your hands in what kind of piece that you well used in your decoration.


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